Firing Service

Firing Service

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Still Life Studio DTLA is pleased to provide firing services for local ceramicists. Our dedicated team, with over seven years of experience in loading and firing, is equipped to handle orders of varying sizes, from small batches to high-volume productions. We offer a comprehensive range of firing options, including lowfire, midrange, highfire, decal and luster, and raku firings. Whether you require assistance with fulfilling commissions or achieving your artistic aspirations, our knowledgeable staff is committed to helping you realize your creative vision. 

We load every Friday. We guarantee (3) day turn around. Please drop off your pieces before noon on Friday to have your pieces ready by Monday. Please choose your temperaturekiln space, and make a Drop-off ReservationContact us through if any questions come up before your appointment.

Our 24 cubic feet gas kiln measures 32" wide, 32" deep, 40" tall and is rentable at full, half, and quarter capacities. For smaller quantities please consider our monthly Firing Membership.

Full Kiln (24 cu ft*)

Half Kiln (13 cu ft*)

Quarter Kiln (7 cu ft*)

Cone 06 Oxidation




Cone 5 Oxidation




Cone 10 Reduction





*If multiple pieces are being serviced, please account for their dimensions and weight. There is a chance two or more pieces will not be able to fit into the same firing even though their total volume adds up to the aforementioned size or portion of the kiln. In such case Still Life Studio reserves the right to adjust the fee and/or accept only the piece(s) that are possible to fit into the kiln space that the booking has been made for. 

Note: Cone can be adjusted and atmosphere specified (oxidation or reduction), but only when booking a Full Kiln firing. To book choose the cone closest to the given options and specify your desired adjustments at checkout.

588 Mateo St // Still Life Studio DTLA 

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