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SLS Recycled House - Cone 5/6

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Pick up available at Santa Monica Studio and Downtown locations (ROW and Matteo), shipping is not available. 

Our Studio Clay is a reclaimed assortment of various clay bodies. The clay is mixed and pugged in-house by our studio staff. This new house-blend clay has great plasticity and tooth to it, making it great for both throwing and hand-building. These characteristics make the clay body favorable for practice and experimentation. The blend itself is not consistent, richness in the clay body's color may vary. What makes up the Studio Clay is a result of the studio's practice, of what members, students, and other artists work with within the studio. For the best, most consistent results, we recommend Cone 5 or 6 firings, firing at Cone 10 is NOT recommended.

Note: since this clay has had a life before (in the studio and in the hand of various artists), some excess material may be found within our clay. Our recycling process excludes the filtering step in order to lower water waste, yet still bring a new life to the material. Consequently, foreign material (sponges, chamois, twist ties, etc.) may be found within this clay body.  
The Studio Clay is free to all the members and students of the studio. 

Cone: 5 - 6

Weight: 25 lbs


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